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Quality politics

Offer the Plastic Surgery service and complementary procedures to meet the needs and expectations of our national and foreign clients, through accredited Plastic Surgeons with experience and track record, trained and committed health staff, competent and responsible collaborators, technology and adequate infrastructure, along with the fulfillment of legal and regulatory requirements, that diminish the potential risks and lead us to the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System, reaching an adequate profitability.

Patient safety policy

For the C&R Clinic, patient safety is a priority as a fundamental part of the care process, which is why it promotes the safety culture at all levels, through the suitability of the staff, safe missionary practices, equipment, supplies and adequate infrastructure, which promotes the care of our patients, family members and collaborators framed in a humane treatment.

Safety and Health at Work Policy

CORPUS AND ROSTRUM S.A. It is committed to the protection of workers health, ensuring their physical integrity through the control of risks, the continuous improvement of processes and the protection of the environment. All levels of management assume the responsibility of promoting a safe and healthy work environment, complying with applicable legal requirements, linking stakeholders in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System and allocating human, physical resources and financial resources necessary for the management of health and safety. The programs developed in CORPUS AND ROSTRUM S.A. they will be oriented to the promotion of a preventive and self-care culture, to the intervention of working conditions that may cause accidents or occupational diseases, to the control of absenteeism and to the preparation for emergencies. All employees, contractors and temporary employees will have the responsibility to comply with the safety rules and procedures, in order to perform a safe and productive work, they will also be responsible for timely notification of all conditions that may generate consequences and contingencies for employees and the organization.

No Refusal Policy

the Corpus and Rostrum Clinic is committed to patient safety, always working on minimize the risks to both the user and the staff that attends it, makes explicit the commitment of not re-use any medical device determined by the manufacturer’s disposition of an only use and thus reduce unsafe actions and lead to continuous improvement based on a safe culture.

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