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What is a Mammoplasty?

The augmentation mammoplasty is a plastic surgery to increase the size of the breasts, through this you can achieved a remarkable improvement of the body contour.

Am I a candidate for an Augmentation Mammoplasty?

You are the ideal patient If you are looking to improve the body contour and give it harmony.

How is an Augmentation Mammoplasty done?

The surgery begins with anesthesia, which may be epidural with sedatives, or general anesthesia. Then an incision is made in the breast leaving a pocket to insert the implant. There are several places where the implant can be placed: behind the muscle, behind the fascia of the muscle, and behind the gland.

After undergoing an augmentation mammoplasty procedure it is recommended not to make any physical effort for at least 2 months and use a post-operative bra until the healing period is completed.
Patients with silicone implants are advised to have ultrasound + kromax therapy during their post-operative care to help reduce inflammation and decrease the risk of appearance of a capsular contracture.

Is it safe?

In Corpus and Rostrum we provide safety and experience, with our trained medical team, the advanced technology of our facilities and a team whos always willing to deliver wellness and safety to all our patients.


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