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What is a Gluteoplasty?

Gluteoplasty or Buttock Augmentation is a procedure that enhances or increases the size of the buttocks. The modeling or augmentation of the buttocks can be done with silicone implants or with gluteal fat transfer.

Am I a candidate for a Gluteoplasty?

People who are not satisfied with the size of their buttocks or who want to enhance them are candidates for a gluteoplasty.

How is a Gluteoplasty done?

For a gluteoplasty either epidural anesthesia combined with sedation or general anesthesia may be used; the type of anesthesia is determined with the anesthesiologist during a pre-surgical consultation.

If the patient wants a lipoinjection, then a liposculpture must be done ahead in order to get the fat and relocated in the area where the modelling or augmentation needs to be done, in this case, in the gluteal region.

The other way of enhancing the buttocks is done by positioning silicone implants in between the gluteal muscles through an incision located in between both gluteos or behind the muscle fascia.

Is it safe?

In Corpus and Rostrum we provide safety and experience, with our trained medical team, the advanced technology of our facilities and a team whos always willing to deliver wellness and safety to all our patients.


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